Permanent + Contextual Designs

The Arango Design Foundation recognizes object design from 1950 forward in two collections: the permanent and the contextual collections. Both collections provide content to the story of contemporary design, post WWII industrial production.

The permanent collection exemplifies products that achieve the higher standard of design: accessibility through quality of production, marketing, distribution, and durability, through successful utility of aesthetic and material form.

The contextual collection employs objects which may not achieve the permanent standard, yet provide valuable contextual reference to the story of object design throughout this period, and may also serve to provide reference for the teaching of design.

Both collections are utilized in gallery presentations relating function, material, design concept, designer, manufacturing process, manufacturer, and the full range of object qualities. The gallery use of the collections is primarily instructional, and intentionally interactive to provoke engagement and support educational inquiry. The workshop extension offers an outlet for the examination of design and production processes.

Design education, absent from core curriculum, and rarely offered as an elective remains undervalued for its integrative subject content. Creativity that rises from social inquiry and utilizes scientific achievement, to promote new more efficient and healthy lifestyles, both for the individual and collective society, could certainly use a push.

The Arango Design Foundation is designed itself to add to that force, point the way forward, and harness the collective commitment of design intelligence.

While the collections’ presentations are under construction, please enjoy a sample preview of recent acquisitions: