Miami celebrates D+A Day 2002 as the first U.S. city to host the internationally recognized Design + Architecture Day held worldwide on October 1. During the month of October a rich array of events, exhibitions, lectures, site tours, panel discussions, and book signings are held with the mission to create public awareness that DESIGN matters in our everyday lives – from the objects we buy to the cars we drive, the houses and buildings we occupy, to the cities we inhabit, design is everywhere. Everything we see and experience has been designed, good design can indeed improve our quality of life.

D+A pays homage to the fine art of good design in urban, landscape, architecture, interior, industrial furniture, product, and graphic design. From September 29 through October 31 the South Floridian community is invited to take part and appreciate a part of life so integral that it might otherwise be missed. All events are free.

Award Ceremony and Lecture: Third Annual ARANGO DESIGN AWARD, and lecture by jurors Lella and Massimo Vignelli, at Museum of Art Miami (MAM)

Lecture: “ The Architecture of Louis Kahn: Six Legacies for the New Millenium” by Architect and Author Robert McCarter at Broward County Main Library Auditorium

Exhibition: Urban Design: “The Living Tradition of Coconut Grove”: Lowe Art Museum, UM, Coral Gables

Architectural Design: AIA Miami Architecture Week 2002

Museum Tour: Urban Design: Wolfsonian Museum Tour and Lecture

Lecture: “ The Modernity of the Street: Have we learned anything?”” by Marshall Berman Professor and Author, at the Wolfsonian FIU, Miami Beach

Lecture: Architectural Design: “ Malaparte House” by Dr Petra Liebl-Osbourne at MDPL Center

Exhibition: Furniture Design: Giovanni Pagnotta: at Luminaire in the Design District

Lecture: Art Design: Artists Liam Gillick and Miles Coolidge, at Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale

Exhibition: Architectural Design: Proyecta : A New Generation of Spanish Design, at Spanish Cultural Center, Coral Gables

Architectural Design Tour at Miami Dade Community College (MDCC)

Exhibition: Product Design: “minimalanimal” featuring 15 European designers,
at arango design store

Lecture: Alberto Campo Baeza, Winner of Bienal Miami + Beach 2001,
at MDPL Miami Beach

Panel Discussion and Book signing: Urban Design: “Miami Tropical” at Books & Books

Panel Discussion: Landscape Design: at The Wolfsonian FIU, Miami Beach

Exhibition + Tour: Explore Symbols in the Visual Front, at The Wolfsonian FIU,
Miami Beach

Exhibition + Lecture: Graphic Design: “Spanish Civil War” by Cary Nelson, Jubilee Professor, Illinois State University

Exhibition and Lecture: Furniture Design: “ The Voyeur and The Virtuoso” at DCOTA, Dania Beach

Architectural Tour: “Plaza De Espana Tour” Miami Beach

Lecture and Book Signing: Architectural Design: “Paul Rudolph: The Florida Houses’ Lecture” by Authors: Christopher Domin and Joseph King, at Eaton Residential College, Miami

Lecture: Landscape Design: by Edward Durrell Stone, at The Wolfsonian FIU,
Miami Beach

Museum Tour: Explore: “Modern Materials in Art and Design in the Modern Age”, at The Wolfsonian FIU, Miami Beach

Lecture and Book Signing: “ At Once Ancient and Modern: The Architecture of William Morgan” by William Morgan at Florida Atlantic University School of Architecture in Fort Lauderdale

Lecture: “Somewhere between Transparency and Opacity”, by Bill Price, Professor of Architecture at the University of Houston, at The Wolfsonian FIU, Miami Beach

Architectural Tour: Conservation District, Miami Beach, by Gilbert M. Fein

Lecture: Landscape Design: “ The Tropical Landscapes of Roberto Burle Marx” by Conrad Hamerman, at The Wolfsonian FIU, Miami Beach

Lecture: Urban Design: “ Architecture and Urbanism in the Republic of Cuba” by Nicolas Quintana, at Spanish Cultural Center, Coral Gables

Lecture: “The Living Traditions of Coconut Grove” by Samina Quraeshi, Professor UM, at Lowe Art Museum

Lecture: Community Design, at Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale

Architectural tour: MIMo Historic District

Museum Tour: Graphic design: “ Spanish Civil War Posters Exhibitions Tour” at The Wolfsonian FIU, Miami Beach

Art Design: “Public Art as Urban Landmarks”, by Larry Kirkland and Michael Singer, Public Artists

Symposium: Urban Design: “ Extreme Urban Design, The Bogota Project”, at The Wolfsonian FIU, Miami Beach

Committee: Suria Yaffar, Chair 2002, Zyscovich Inc.; Anthony Abbate AIA, Architect; Judith Arango, Arango Design Foundation; Julie Benjamin, Broward County Cultural affairs, Public Art and Design; Guillermo Basso, Spanish Cultural Center; Mike Brazlevsky, AIA Miami; Jaime Canaves, FIU, Bienal Miami; Bruno Carvalho, URG-ASLA; Jason Clarke, DCOTA; Diana Ursula Farmer, ASID; Carolina Garcia Wiebe, AIA, Fort Lauderdale; Oscar Glottman, Glottman Anteprima; Rene Gonzalez, design associates Miami; Jacqueline Gonzalez AIA, ARQ; Maricarmen Martinez, Architect, Upstairs Studio Architects; Cheryl jacobs, Zyscovich, Inc.; Mark Hampton Faia, Architect; Ellie Haydock, Knoll Studio; Mikael Kaul AIA, Architect; Joy Rackley, Zyscovich, Inc.; Robert Riesenberg, Luminaire; Randall Robinson, Miami Beach Community Development Corporation; Marianne Russell, arango; Lourdes Solera, AIA Miami; Alejandra Von Hartz, Caroline White, University of Miami; Bernard Zyscovich, Zysciovich, Inc.

Sponsors: Miami Art Museum, Fort Lauderdale; AIA Miami; Florida Atlantic University School of architecture (FAUSA); Florida International University School of Architecture; Arango; Broward County Cultural Affairs, Public Art and Design; Spanish Cultural Center; Luminaire; Biltmore Construction; Bruno Elias & Associates; Books & Books; American Society of Landscape Architects ( ASLA); Design Center of the Americas (DCOTA); Maximillian’s House of Grand Pianos; RAC Study Advisory Committee; The Broward Alliance; Gustafson & Priori, PA



This year marks the first time D+A Day is celebrated in South Florida in all our 3-county area: Broward, Miami Dade, and Palm Beach Counties.

October 1st is the day which design is celebrated around the world with open houses, lectures, exhibits, tours and events for everyone to enjoy while learning how good design matters in our everyday lives. Design does determine, day in and day out, the character and quality of the physical and built environment, from the everyday objects we use to the environments we travel through and inhabit.

Following Design Events are scheduled in weeks around October 1st:

Exhibition: “Brooklyn”, Recent works by 70 Brooklyn designers, at  Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art

Historic Florida Landscape Exhibition: Drawings by University of Miami Architecture Students.

Design Award Presentation: Second ARANGO DESIGN AWARD, juried by Paola Antonelli, Curator of Design MoMA in NY, at Miami Art Museum (MAM)

Lecture: “Still Learning from All the Wrong Places” by Steven Izenour, at MAM
Design + Architecture Day 2001: Building Wrap at the DCOTA, Design Center of the Americas, in Dania Beach

Exhibition: “Miami Modern Architecture 1945 – 69”: A Photographic Exhibition at The Seymour, Miami Beach

Exhibition: “DESIGN BY ARCHITECTS”, featuring 12 Architects, at
arango design store

Lecture: American Society of Landscape Architects, by Raymond Jungles, ALSA, at The Wolfsonian FIU, Miami Beach

Lecture and Book Signing: “The Making of Miami Beach 1933 -1942: The Architecture of Lawrence Murray Dixon” by Allan T. Shulman and Jean-Francois LeJeune, at The Wolfsonian FIU, Miami Beach

Exhibition: Architectural Exhibition at AIA in Coral Gables
Architecture in Film, at Main Miami Dade Public Library Auditorium

Exhibition: Surrounding Interiors: Views inside the Car: Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale

Exhibition: Scattered Houses: Little Haiti Housing Association Project, at MoCA

Event: Steelcase “Sandblast 2001”, Miami Beach

Symposium: Livable Cities: Reinvestigation of the City: at MoCA, North Miami

Film: Architecture of Morris Lapidus, at The Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami Beach
Bienal Miami + Beach 2001

Lecture: FIU Speaker Night

Panel Discussion: The Restoration of Charles Deering Estate at Cutler

Event: “ Walk on Water”, FIU School of Architecture, at the Campus

Lecture: “Latest Thoughts” by Rodolfo Machado, at Cocoplum Women’s Club

Lecture: Zaha Hadid; Recent Work: at The Wolfsonian FIU, Miami Beach

Event: New Terrains: Workscapes Showroom: Fort Lauderdale, designed by Anthony Abbate AIA

Exhibition: Current Work Senior Student Graphic Design, at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood

Exhibition: Architecture Student Night, at DASH Gallery

Event: Regional Transit Vision Design Workshop, Florida Atlantic University School of Architecture, Fort Lauderdale

Film: “Moon over Miami”, at the Wolfsonian FIU, Miami Beach

Exhibition: University of Miami: Building through Time: “A Civic Art”: at UM School of Architecture Gallery

Lecture: Earth Design Feng Shui Course with Jami Lin, in Hollywood

Soyka Design Series : Exhibitions and Film, Betcher Gallery Miami

Event: Landscape Architecture Design Charrette: Miami Chapter

Lecture: “Design Made In Italy: by Rodrigo Rodriquez, Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale

Lecture: “ The Architecture of the Night” by Dietrich Neumann, at UM, Coral Gables

Lecture by Donald Singer, AIA at Boca Museum of art

Lecture: “Designed for Speed” by Christopher Mount at The Wolfsonian FIU,
Miami Beach

Symposium: “Sustainable South Florida Design 2001”, Colloquium: Keynete Speaker: Ken Yeang, at Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale

Lecture: “Sustainable South Florida Design 2001”, by Ray Anderson, CEO Interface, at Sony Center, Miami Beach

2001 AIA Fort Lauderdale Design Awards Night, and 3rd Evelyn Fortune Bartlett Award, at Broward Center of the Performing Arts, Fort Lauderdale

Lecture: “Religious Architecture Around the World”, by Kenneth Treister, at Temple Israel, Miami

Exhibition: Open House at South Florida’s Newest School of Architecture: FAU Tower II, Student Works, at FAU, Fort Lauderdale

Lecture: Artemide Lighting Design, Ron Rezek, at Artemide, Coral Gables

Exhibition: “Young Architects Building Interiors” in the Design District

Exhibition: Architecture in the Public Realm: Current Students Work, at DASH

Lecture: (Options) Women in Architecture, at Broward County Main Library, Fort Lauderdale

Tour: Integrated Art and Design: Recent Installations at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport


Events: September 13 – October 26

Second annual DESIGN + ARCHITECTURE DAY in Miami is celebrated with exhibitions, lectures, site tours, panel discussions, film screenings, and book signings to create public awareness that DESIGN matters in our everyday lives – from objects we buy, to our homes, workplaces, streets, and neighborhoods, design is everywhere. Everything you see and experience has been designed.

DESIGN + ARCHITECTURE DAY pays homage to the fine art of good design through its many disciplines: urban, landscape, architecture, interior, industrial and graphic design.


Architectural Tour: American Airlines Miami Heat Arena

Graphics Lecture: “New Design Miami – The Edge of Graphic Design” Bruce Turkel, at Books & Books

Design Lecture + Exhibition: “Design in TV Commercial Production”, at DASH

Design Exhibition: “Design Matters”, by Rene Gonzalez, AIA, for Arango Design Foundation, MoCA, North Miami

Architectural Lecture: “Emerging Technology in Design” by Peter McCleary, at UM School of Architecture

Design Exhibition: “KartellStories”, at arango design store

Design Lecture: “Design + Popular Culture” by Professor Mel Byars, Design Historian, Author, and Editorial Director

Furniture Exhibition: “Young Furniture design for the Future”

Graphics Exhibition: “Print, Power, + Persuasion”, The Wolfsonian-FIU

Design + Architecture Day : Design Presentation” ARANGO DESIGN AWARDS

Design Lecture: “Design Culture meets Car Culture”, by J Mays, vice president of design Ford Motor Co, at Lincoln Theatre, Miami Beach

Architecture Lecture: “Thought Palaces”, Dr Peter Magyar of  FAU, at Books & Books

Design Exhibition:“Many Faces of Design”, fifth annual exhibition of art and objects by local designers, in Buena Vista Bldg

Lecture: Workplace Design: “Changing Workplace 2000”, Architect Bruce Simoneaux, at UM

Urban Design Lecture: “Suburban Nation”, by Jeff Spec, at Books & Books

Urban Design Lecture: “Congress for New Urbanism”, by LA based architects and urban designers Elizabeth Moule and Stefanos Polyzoidesa, at Cocoplum Women’s Club

Graphics Exhibition: “Young Talent Show”, in Miami Design District

Architecture Tour: “Bass Museum and Cultural Campus” with Director Diane Camber, Bass Museum

Architecture Tour: “South Beach Regal Cinema at Lincoln Road”

Landscape and Urban Design Tour: “Greening the Miami River”

Design Exhibition: “Rethinking MIMo” and “Greening of Miami River”, at the Seymour Building

Architecture Lecture: “The Politics and Policies of Design” by Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, Dean of Architecture UM

Lighting Design: “Artemide”, Mr Ernesto Gismondi, Designer and  President Artemide

Interior Design Tour: “Corporate Imaging with Interior Design” site tour with Diana Ursula Farmer of Beame Architectural Partnership

Funding for D+A Day 2000 by Arango design Foundation, Artemide, Steelcase Inc, Interface Flooring Systems, Inc., Beame Architectural Partnership. DASH, and Locus Architecture

D+A Day 2000 Committee: Diana Ursula Farmer, Chair 2000, Beam Architectural Partnership,; Anthony Abbate, Architect, AIA, Chair 2001; Judith Arango, Arango Design Foundation; Mike Brazlevsky, AIA-Miami; Charlie Calderin, doink, inc.; Manita Brug-Chmielenska, IKON Design; David Fernandez, AIA, ADD, Inc.; Jacqueline Gonzalez, AIA, Arquitectonica; Rene Gonzalez, Architect, design associates MIAMI, Inc.; Stephanie Gilmore, Interface Flooring Systems, Inc.; Mark Hampton, Architect, FAIA: Ellie Haydock, Knoll; Joel Hoffman, The Wolfsonian, FIU; Mikael Kaul, AIA, Upstairs Studio Architects; Maricarmen Martinez, Chair 1999, Upstairs Studio Architects; Marilys Nepomechie, AIA, FIU School of Architecture; Grace Perdomo, Wallce+Perdomo Design; Carlos Prio-Touzet, AIA, ADD Inc.; Cia Mooney, Herbst Lazar Bell, Inc.; Randall Robinson, MBCDC; Luis Saladrigas, doink, inc.; Connie Taudt, ADD, Inc.

Event Sponsors: ADD, Inc.; ARANGO DESIGN FOUNDATION: Arquitectonica; Artemide; Bacardi U.S.A.; Beame Architectural Partnership; Books & Books; British Airways; Construction Specification Institute (CSI); DACRA, Design and Architecture Senior High (DASH); design associates MIAMI, Inc; doink, Inc.; Duany Plater- Zyberk; Ford Motor, Co.; Evian USA; FIU School of Architecture; Holly Hunt Miami; Interface flooring Systems, Inc.; International Fine Arts College (IFAC); jetBlue Airways; Maharam; Marc Levin; Miami Art Museum (MAM); Miami Beach Community Development Corporation (MBCDC); Miami Dade Community College; Miami Design District; Miami Heat; Museum of Contemporary Art, (MoCA); Nienkamper / ICF Group Office Interiors, Florida; Regal Cinemas; Craig and Ivelin Robins; Rubell Hotels; Thomas W. Ruff and Co; Starwood Investments, LLC: Steelcase, Inc; SunTrust Bank; Totem Design Group; Trust for Public Land (TPL); University of Miami School of Architecture; Upstairs Studio, Inc.; Urban Environmental League; The Wolfsonian FIU; Zyscovich, Inc



Architecture Day long observed internationally will be celebrated in U.S.A. for the first time on October 1, 1999, as DESIGN + ARCHITECTURE DAY.

This event is directed to the public. During several days bracketing October 1st, lectures, seminars, exhibitions, architectural tours, lighting of public spaces, open houses, and award ceremonies is taking place in Miami. Banners will be hanging in the streets.

With the encouragement of ARANGO DESIGN FOUNDATION, leading architects, designers, and academics, together with schools, museums and professional organizations, are helping the community to focus on design and architecture.
Architectural students from several schools will display, in a major shopping center, an elaborate series of miniature cities, composed of architectural models to illustrate the concept of urban planning and architectural design.

The celebration of DESIGN + ARCHITECTURE DAY, is designed to call the public’s attention to the best in design including architecture, urban planning, and product, graphic and landscape design.

DESIGN + ARCHITECTURE DAY in Miami, a city which has become an international capital of architecture and design, is envisioned as a demonstration project of a national event, coordinated with the international celebration.

ARANGO DESIGN FOUNDATION invites the collaboration of interested individuals and organizations to participate in the project and wider dissemination of DESIGN + ARCHITECTURE DAY in America.

Banners, designed pro bono by DOink, are available to mark D+A events through the city.

Maricarmen Martinez, Architect, chair of D+A 1999